Mickey Moore Issues Statement on Fatal Shooting in the 9th Ward

September 29, 2021 Media Contact: Lee Hayes

(651) 261-4356


Minneapolis City Council Candidate Mickey Moore

Issues Statement on Fatal Shooting in the 9th Ward

“Last night, one person was fatally shot and three others were seriously injured by gunfire in the Phillips Neighborhood of the 9th Ward. According to Minneapolis Police Department data, this marks the 74th homicide in our city so far this year.

“When I arrived on the scene shortly after 9 p.m., it was clear that almost half of our available police officers had been dispatched to secure the scene, leaving only a handful of cops to handle all other calls for assistance in our city. This is both dangerous and unacceptable.

“I firmly believe it is imperative that voters soundly reject the highly irresponsible ballot initiative that calls for replacing our police department. We need more police officers and police resources, not less.

“As the next City Council representative for Ward 9, I will work to immediately increase the number of police officers on our streets; restore our 3rd precinct police station; re-establish local police sub-stations with foot patrols; and install more surveillance cameras in high-crime areas until we can reclaim the peaceful and prosperous neighborhoods we deserve.

“Elected officials must have the maturity to put aside personal grievances and always prioritize the best interests of our community. The 9th Ward needs a reasonable and responsible City Council member who understands that residents do not feel safe or secure in their homes or as they travel about our city, not some inexperienced puppet whose position on public safety changes according to past personal grievances, political polls, or pressure from radical extremist organizations.”

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