Mickey Moore Issues Statement on Jason Chavez's Inadequate Response on Rep. John Thompson

July 22, 2021 Media Contact: Lee Hayes

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Minneapolis City Council Candidate Mickey Moore

Issues Statement on Jason Chavez’s Failure to Address

His Close Working Relationship with Rep. John Thompson

“Minneapolis City Council candidate Jason Chavez’s recent statement on his longtime working relationship with embattled Rep. John Thompson (D-St. Paul) raises more questions than answers.

“As Rep. Thompson’s legislative assistant, why did Mr. Chavez wait almost three weeks to issue a statement on questions surrounding Rep. Thompson’s legal residency, failure to pay child support, and multiple allegations of domestic abuse? Domestic violence and failure to pay child support are serious issues in our community and residents need to know that Mr. Chavez can be counted on to stand up for priorities that supersede politics.

“What did Mr. Chavez know, and when did he know it? As Rep. Thompson’s lone legislative aide, Mr. Chavez must have seen the legislator’s Wisconsin-issued driver’s license on more than one occasion over the course of his duties at the Capitol, which should have immediately raised concerns for him about his boss’s legal residency and ability to hold elected office.

“As the DFL-endorsed candidate for City Council, Mr. Chavez’s own party leadership has called for Rep. Thompson’s resignation, including Gov. Tim Walz, Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan, and U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum (D-St. Paul). Why hasn’t Mr. Chavez done the same? Clearly, his legislative assistant title and salary are more important to him than his so-called personal moral convictions of honesty, integrity and transparency.

“As a nonpartisan City Council candidate for Ward 9, I firmly believe a smarter, more experienced legislative assistant would have recognized such egregious problems and resigned immediately. The 9th Ward is at a critical moment in its troubled history, which is why I am once again calling for Mr. Chavez to withdraw his candidacy for City Council. Now is not the time for residents in the city of Minneapolis to elect representatives who need a crash course in ethics or on-the-job training.”

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