Mickey Moore Issues Statement on Minneapolis DFL Chair’s Anti-Police Commentary

August 12, 2021 Media Contact: Lee Hayes

(651) 261-4356


Minneapolis City Council Candidate Mickey Moore

Issues Statement on Minneapolis DFL Chair’s

Inflammatory Anti-Police Commentary

"Minneapolis DFL chairman Devin Hogan’s recent commentary in Southside Pride in support of burning down the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct during last year’s civil unrest further illustrate how estranged our local DFL branch is from the Democratic roots of our party, as well as the reality of what the residents of this city both deserve and want for their future.

“As a lifelong, progressive, pragmatic Democratic, I don't recognize any of our party's core ideals within the context of Mr. Hogan’s sorely misguided opinion. The destructive actions he clearly supports in his commentary did not and will not increase equality, prosperity or peace in our city.

“As a candidate for City Council, I have spoken to thousands of 9th Ward voters, and I can absolutely assure you that none of them agree with Mr. Hogan's dangerous and counterproductive sentiments.

“We learned from last year’s civil unrest that messaging matters. Yet, Mr. Hogan seems content to continue the dangerous and inherently false narrative that fosters real harm and contributes to the problem, instead of offering any meaningful solutions.”

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