Mickey Moore Issues Statement on Weekend Gun Violence in Minneapolis

September 20, 2021 Media Contact: Lee Hayes

(651) 261-4356


Minneapolis City Council Candidate Mickey Moore Issues Statement on

Weekend Gun Violence in Minneapolis

"This past weekend, 11 people were injured from gunshot wounds in the city of Minneapolis. This level of unprecedented gun violence has plagued and paralyzed our city for far too long. Yet, our elected officials have provided no real solutions. These constant reminders paint an all-too-clear picture that our city must develop a true collaborative partnership between communities and the Minneapolis Police Department.

“While we work to improve and reform the MPD, we must recognize the dire situation that we are in right now. We need more police on our streets who are equipped with better tools and resources to combat the scourge of gun violence. More mental health workers, violence interrupters and de-escalation experts must also be critical components of this more comprehensive solution. However, we cannot afford to continue to pretend that armed police officers are somehow unnecessary, unreasonable or expendable.

“As the next City Council representative for Ward 9, I will work to immediately increase the number of police officers on our streets; restore our 3rd precinct police station; re-establish local police sub-stations with foot patrols; and install surveillance cameras in high-crime areas until we can reclaim the peaceful and prosperous neighborhoods we deserve.

“All Ward 9 and Minneapolis residents want the same thing. Safe streets and neighborhoods for our children and families. I firmly believe we can achieve this goal if our city leadership stops political ideological infighting, abandons radical ideas that do not keep us safe or secure, and concentrates on doing what is truly in the collective best interest of all residents."

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