Mickey Moore Issues Statement on Residency Rumors

October 19, 2021 Media Contact: Lee Hayes

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Minneapolis City Council Candidate Mickey Moore

Issues Statement on Residency Rumors

“Last week, my campaign to represent Ward 9 on the Minneapolis City Council was endorsed by the Star Tribune. Since that time, there has been some false and misleading online chatter started by one of my opponents and their surrogates about my residency. I’d like to briefly set the record straight for you.

“I was born and raised in South Minneapolis, where I’ve lived my whole life. I’m running for City Council in the 9th Ward because this is where I’ve lived, opened my businesses, where my clients and staff live, and it’s home to many of the small businesses with whom I have worked and shared a history of success.

“For 38 years, I have lived at my house on 3rd Avenue in South Minneapolis, which is a few blocks outside of the current 9th Ward boundaries. Back in March, I rented an apartment across the street from Powderhorn Park, which is centrally located in the 9th Ward, because city rules require that candidates live in district boundaries for at least 30 days prior to an election. I wanted to make sure there were no issues regarding my compliance with this rule. As you are aware, Minneapolis City Council ward boundaries change all the time. In fact, City Council ward boundaries are expected to change once again within the next two years.

“Aside from my home in South Minneapolis, I also have a place in Oak Grove, which is approximately 30 miles north of Minneapolis. My family uses the 3-acre property for weekends, holidays and vacations. We enjoy the opportunity to take advantage of the more rural aspects of Minnesota life, including gardening, swimming, horseback riding, snowmobiling, four-wheeling, and so much more.

“As a retired business owner, I’ve been blessed to have a second home that my family can use at our leisure. However, I want to assure everyone that I will remain as dedicated to the needs of Ward 9 constituents in the same way that I have committed myself for more than 30 years to the strength and success of my businesses.

“The 9th Ward has historically been disadvantaged and underserved even before the COVID-19 pandemic and last year’s civil unrest. I firmly believe it’s about time we have a professional and experienced elected official who personally understands the needs of residents and business owners.

Photo Caption: Ward 9 Minneapolis City Council Candidate Mickey Moore's current Minnesota

Driver's License.

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